Friday, April 29, 2011

Raw Like Sushi!

Our resident Badboy in Japan got the idea to collect a bunch of Japan related blogs and put them together under the moniker "Raw Like Sushi". The general concept is to gather up the personal blogs that deal with more than Japan sightseeing, temples, ikebana and whatnot. Not that there's anything wrong with blogs that deal with those subjects, but gathering a bunch of "rawer" blogs together could be helpful to guide readers looking for more rawer accounts on Japan to some interesting blogs. Also, since Chris is handling it, there's also a general quality check in place to ensure that the blogs are of a decent quality.

So it seems like a great idea all around and you might want to check it out and see if any of the blogs listed there might be of interest. I can also proudly say that I've been patched in and am allowed to flaunt the banner here on my site as an official member of the group.

I'm sure that it's only me who still remembers it, but I just realized that the name "Raw like Sushi" is the same as the debut album of Neneh Cherry (or "Marianne Karlsson" as we Swedens know her as) with that "Buffalo Stance" (ok, that's a cover by Alice in video land, but the original is here) hit in the eighties!


BiggerInJapan said...

haha, dude, I was the one that came up with that name, being a big Neneh fan!

Wasn't invited to the party though :-(
Guess my blog is too mellow. Which is good though - could use some honey-coating in my real life.

Sarahf said...

Any link to Neneh Cherry is surely a talisman for good luck.

Chris said...

Thanks Salaryman!!!


I thought you said you wanted to not alienate your viewership or something? I musta mixed you with someone because the topic about toxic friends you briefly touched is THE writting I'm most looking forward to because it's a very personal topic that I can relate to.

If I missed you then I'll fix it when I edit (cut 2 blogs off because they are not what I thought) If you did mean that then make a new site in 10min and let that shit rise!! If not then I'll be adding the existing site :)

Anyone out there with suggestions let me know. always do me right. Bro's over Hoes!! Money over Bitches!! Snitches get Stitches!! ;)

My School site will be back up so thanks 4 not cutting it. You were a commenter from way back and I'm appreciative to you always. Your a stand-up motherfucker!!

Top of the line!!

You and Biggie have a nice Golden Week with the Fam!!!!

Eva said...

Aw... I'm not included, guess my blog is overcooked not fresh and juicy anymore.

Mr. Salaryman said...

BiJ - Oh, so there actually was a Neneh Cherry association there on purpose! Can't say I'm a fan, but that song actually has held up quite decently! And yeah, seems like you were invited in the end anyway, deal with that!

Saraf - Now the Neneh fans are crawling out of the woodwork ;)

Chris - Hey, thank you for setting up the site! Gotta love "snitches get stitches" have to sneak that more into my daily vocabulary at work! Will do my best to have a good GW, thanks!
Oh, and thanks as well for setting up a feature on the blog on RLS!

Eva - Well, you're doing something more innovative - it's half webcomic and half blog, right? So don't feel left outside :)

big bro said...

Well, I got the neneh association - but I was also thinking about the Blade Runner - bad translation - sushi angle. Wasn't there some debacle about the Swedish subtitles for the original movie translation had something funny there?

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