Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter in Japan!

I just realized that other day that is actually that Easter season now, I was reminded of it by an automated "out of office" reply e-mail from a guy in Europe. I've been so long in Japan now my mind is starting to get a little cloudy on what I am supposed to be doing now according to ancient Swedish tradition. Not being religious means that I can ignore the boring stuff at least.

I seem to recall that at some point I should start a huge bonfire for some purpose (not really sure why), get dead drunk and maybe get into a fistfight. Then, another day I'm supposed to get the baby dressed up as a witch, usher her into the streets to solicit candy from stranger and I think that we're supposed to eat a lot of eggs and maybe even lamb at one point. It really gets kinda hazy here in Japan as the Japanese completely ignore the season. Not even any cute chickens anywhere or some Japanese twist to it, just completely ignoring it.

Earlier in the day I had a brief conversation with Cpt. Awkward about it:

Salaryman: (casually) So I just realized it's Easter now so that's why so many of the people in Europe are on vacation now

Cpt. Awkward: (looks confused) Huh? Easter? What's that about now again?

Salaryman: (patiently explaining) You know, it's a Christian holiday, when Christ died and was resurrected?

Cpt. Awkward: (lightening up for a few seconds) Oh? Do you do these painful reenactments of the crucifixion?

Salaryman: (tired) Nope, at least not me, we mostly eat lots of eggs instead

Cpt. Awkward: (with a dreamy look) Eggs... I like eggs...


L said...

I heard they don't eat chocolate Easter eggs or bunnies in Japan. Is this true?

BiggerInJapan said...

you could always start a nice bonfire in the office, Good Salaryman! A bit of North Europe for your Japanese colleagues.

Corinne said...

I so want to start selling and promoting easter here, bunnies and chickens and sparkly eggs, that shit is made for japan!
I'd so do captain awkward!

Chris said...

That pic is priceless and you'll be seated in hell right next to me....but it's worth it cuz it's priceless :)

Yeah, I do not get why they don't grab it and split it into 2 chocalte days like they do with Valentines day.
Someone at the choco factory is fucking sleeping??

daft said...

Love the pic, and yeah I'm also surprised that Easter isn't recognized at least commercially in Japan. Tacky chocolates mixed with cute animals? Seems right up there with the usual holiday fare.

Contamination said...

This guy sounds like you need to shove Cadbury Creme Eggs into his nostrils before he'd get the idea....

iago said...

I seem to recall that at some point I should start a huge bonfire for some purpose (not really sure why), get dead drunk and maybe get into a fistfight.

I'm pretty sure the KKK isn't a religion...

TheOctopus said...

Usagi-tamago-don would be a great way to celebrate Easter in Japan, especially if it was decorated with a piece oshinko carved to resemble a crucified Father Christmas.

Mr. Salaryman said...

L - Nope, nothing, not a trace of anything, a real mystery (ok, in some specialist import foods stores you can find some stuff, but not generally)

BiJ - Yeah, and teach people how to get drunk standing in front of it and how to pick drunken fights with strangers!

Corinne - Oh, if you'd even come within a few feet of the dear ol' Cpt. I'm sure that he would instantly turn red, stutter and then crawl up one of his orifices and just dissapear in front of you; that's how much of a ladies man he is!

Chris&Corinne&Daft - Hammer time! I'm also all with you, can't understand why no one is milking the Easter theme for sweets, bunnies and shit, just ripe for the taking and fits Japan perfectly!

Contam - Well, he likes eggs at least, but can't blame the Japanese for not keeping track of stuff like that, can't say I'm too good about the timing of Ramadan and other non-Christian religions events

Iago - Nah, we just burn whatever is there, not any cross, but otherwise it's a lot like the Klan!

Octopus - Oh, how nice of you to drop in all the way from Saitama! I didn't know they had Internet up there. But shouldn't that be a crucified Easter Bunny instead?

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