Saturday, December 1, 2007

Are you really going to put all of THAT in THERE?!

Yours truly has for some time been suffering from a nasty throat infection that really hasn't gotten better given time, so I decided to visit a ear, nose and throat specialized clinic to have it checked out and get some nice drugs for myself.

It was my first visit in such a clinic and the doctor was very nice, but the things they do to you there... First he brought out a nasty sucking device that he put in my nose to suck all the snot out of there, which was a pretty funny feeling for a short while until most of the stuff was sucked out. I sneezed for a good two minutes afterwards. After that, he decided that he wanted to take a little better look and brought out a long thin camera with a light attached to it that he decided was a good idea to insert in my throat through my nose. The feeling was pretty uncomfortable although not painful per se, while showing this device deeper into my cavity he kept saying "sorry about this" which was a nice gesture but didn't really help.

After this ordeal was over, he looked at the pictures and the following exchange took place:
Doctor: Well, looking at these pictures, it seems like you might have a bit narrow airways and I think I probably best take a look at it when your cold has passed since you're a bit swollen in the throat now.
Salaryman: Oh, what does this mean?
Doctor: Well, it could become the reason for sudden death ("totsuzenshi") or high blood pressure...
Salaryman: Wait a minute, never mind the blood pressure?! What do you mean with "sudden death"?
Doctor: Well, don't worry about it for now, but you should come back.
Salaryman: You bet I will!


Dan the Man said...

Mr Salariman,

You mean they use this snot-sucking thing on adults as well? Are u sure u did not go to a children's clinic by mistake? My kids always get their noses sucked out at the kid's doc, while my mom, who used to be a nurse back in our common home country, discourage this practice since it could damage the natural muscous membrane of the nose. Still, I like the sound of this device (followed by the heart-breaking scream of your child who almost got the brain sucked out...)

lina said...


like it's not scary enough to have that thing poke through your nose... then came the high blood and sudden death threat.
Have you gotten you Will in order yet?

beaverboosh said...

Hey Gutt-san,
I remember a medieval death register from the UK. Along with the usual stuff, the cause of death for 11 people was "died suddenly". I though we had found a cure for that!

Martin said...

Sudden death argument... Very clever... Maby i should use that one for my own business.

-"You might suffer from sudden death if you don´t buy my illustrations again!!!"

You might want to check with another doctor and see if he also tries to frighten you.

SnowFoxCreations said...

"Might suffer from sudden death ]if you don't come back and spend more money.]"

I need to work that line into my craft business somehow. :/

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