Monday, December 31, 2007

The Giant Minutes to 2008...

Well, 2007 is now finally coming to a close with the great new year of the mouse 2008 waiting for us all and I thought I should summarize some notable things from this year as a kind of closure exercise.

The interesting video illustrating this post can be called that of the biggest hit in Japan of 2007, the guy is called Kojima and the act you can see in the video is basically what he's all about so far. He's been hugely popular now for the last 6 months and appear basically everywhere, doing the same stuff every time. It consists of him talking about something (this can vary, I give him that), stopping himself after a small mistake saying "oh, shit" and then the music starts and the next part of his act with the dancing starts, culmunating with him pumping his arms down and singing "sonnna no kannkei nai" which could translate to something like "but that's got nothing to do with it". I think I've must lived here too long now, because I still find him pretty amusing but if he doesn't come up with a good way to diversify he might up in the same forgotten place as the golden dandy and Tetsu and Tomo (don't ask) by early 2008.

Personally, 2007 has been both a great and a horrible year, but in focusing on the good side, the biggest revelation of 2007 has been Ms. Sunshine and I hope I can have her stick around since my quality of life improves significantly when she's around.

Best toy of 2007 is without doubt the great God-Jesus , I can agree that practically the toy wasn't launched this year, but due to the lack of competition it still wins the award of best toy 2007!

Worst country 2007 is also France, same as last year and the year before that. But now, after spending over a month there it's become personal...

2007 has also been a year packed with stupid projects and I have problems selecting the most stupid project of 2007, the competition is really harsh there and I think the only answer here is "most of them" and I have the feeling that I ended up with the most messed up projects, but I am still here so I guess I shouldn't complain too much about it. But I must say that the award of most blatant display of stupidity 2007 must go to Mr. Chin during our "potato chips" project.

Funniest but not unexpected news of 2007 was US nazi fuhrer Kevin Strom (leader of the National Vaguard nazi organization) being arrested on child pornography charges, always funny when they mess up in that way.

The award of Best niece 2007 is also one with hard competition, but I guess it must go to my newly produced little baby niece.

Anyway, to all the readers of this little blog, have a happy new year and see you around in 2008!


Chris said...

France does suck a__!!!

Mr. Salaryman said...

I concur!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is very interesting!
I know him too. Recently he starts his new performance, called "Majikozoku".
Do you know "Majikozoku"?

Mr. Salaryman said...

Well, Mr./Ms. Anonymous, it warms my heart that you are enjoying this little page!
I haven't seen his new thing yet, but given his television exposure last year I guess I won't be able to avoid it sooner or later ;)

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