Tuesday, December 18, 2007

You break it, you bought it

It's getting close to Christmas here in Japan, unfortunately it's not really noticeable except for the Christmas lights and such so none of that old time European Christmas atmosphere unfortunately but it is something that I have grown used to with the focus here in Japan on the New Year.

However, I am now one working day away from my Christmas vacation which happens to be pretty short (but that is my choice after all) but I desperately need it now... I have severe problems even pretending interest in work or muster up even a spark of motivation to get anything productive done. I usually can at least feign some interest or motivation, but that skill seems to be gone now and I just have to endure one more day in the office...

The two projects I'm working on are also progressing completely differently, one of the progress is manned by The Boy and Dr. Y and they are all over it. It has been running so smoothly that it almost makes me a bit worried. We're so much ahead of the planning that things can be done in a very slow pace from now on if we feel like it.
On the other hand, the other pan-Asian project I'm working on is turning out to be the project from hell... Resources not coming as promised, constant phone conferences with people I have no idea how they will perform and if they can't perform as expected will make my life very hectic at the beginning of the year.

For managing the Korea part we are outsourcing it to a student to help us out with what is needed there. It is actually not that difficult and I think we found someone who can be capable of doing it if given some encouragement. Unfortunately I put Ms. A in charge of managing this person and she is doing so with gusto and pretty aggressively, when I hear her talk to this person I am just expecting the Korean person to scream out "I don't need this, I quit!". And since we really don't have any viable "Plan B" I am temped to enforce a "you break it, you bought it" policy towards Ms. A's management style here.

Well, slightly incoherent post which probably fits my frame of mind right now. One more day and then I get a mini-vacation with Ms. Sunshine!

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lina said...

have a nice holiday!

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