Friday, December 14, 2007

"I deserve to be beaten"

The current project is turning out to be quite an ordeal since I now once again is forced to deal with Mr. Chin which could drive better men than me to drink.

Working together with Ms. A also means that I have to put up with a neverending stream of "thank you"s. The smallest little thing will trigger a flow of "thank you" in different form and shapes, but when she has finished with that (it usually takes a while) she moves into the next phase which is the "I'm so sorry I am so worthless" phase, and believe me when I say that this can actually go on for several minutes, first the "thank you" and then the "I am so sorry!". This usually happens over MSN Messenger but can also occur in person.

Yesterday a particularly long such incident occurred triggered by me letting her know that I had made something that we needed. I first tried to endure the "thank you"s by the standard "it wasn't a big thing" and after a couple of minutes she, as always, moved into the apologetic phase. Starting off with a "I am so sorry I haven't contributed anything to this project!" and I tried to put an end to this through a "No, you have been helping out plenty" and this went back and forth a few times until I tried with "Don't beat yourself down, we've just started this project" and to that came a reply "But I am so worthless, I deserve to be beaten!".
Repeat that to yourself "I am so worthless, I deserve to be beaten!".

My response? Going to the bathroom and pretending to forget to answer to that...

1 comment:

lina said...

well, you might just need to beat some sense into her!
(or was her previous boss so bad that she lost all her self esteem?)

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