Sunday, March 23, 2008


As you know, I will move back from the high powered world of consulting back to a more traditional salaryman job with all the trappings that that entails:
* Suit and neckties on a daily basis
* Frequent arguments with age 50+ japanese salesmen
* Gray desk and gray chair
* Regretting that I don't smoke since all the important opinions only come out in the smoking room
* Frequent in-company drinking sessions (nomikai)
* Long winded "manager's meetings" where the same stuff is discussed time and time again

...but that's ok and I actually missed all that stuff in some perverse fashion. As you can understand, this change will also have some impact on the general content and direction of this blog. To begin with, I no longer have to worry about client confidentiality so some of the veil of secrecy I have made around here can be lifted gradually.

At the moment, I am now on in-between job vacation and will mostly concentrate on taking it easy and getting all the stuff done that I never got around to do due to being busy and tired of work. I also look forward to being a bit bored from time to time, something that I rarely have the chance to be when working and I also think that I can promise far more frequent updates of this blog in the coming weeks. The picture captures the general atmosphere perfectly!


yanpa said...

Let me guess, you need the between-jobs vacation because of the time required to fly in a team of Mongolian yurt sewpersons to construct your new suit?

Mr. Salaryman said...

No, not really, but it might actually be a really good idea. Do you have any idea what the going rate for a sweatshop of Mongolian yurt sewpersons is at the moment? I probably need to hire them for a week or so...

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