Thursday, March 27, 2008

I want a Vii!

I own both a Wii and a Playstation 3 and I must admit that the PS3 most often gets used for playing, but I got a soft spot for the Wii and when you have friends over it's unbeatable. The Wii has a certain charm of its own and as a farewell gift from the great consulting company I also got a copy of the Smash Bros game which I actually am enjoying playing now, even alone due to the extremely corny "story mode". As I've also mentioned earlier, I was the Mario Party champion in the office.

A while back I came across another gaming console that seems a bit interesting, the Chinese manufactured Vii, for the features I recommend watching the video which probably will be entertaining even if you don't understand Japanese. My favorite part is when they interview the Chinese "Vii" representative and he talks about how only they and Nintendo has access to the motion control device (that guy seems to forget that Sony also utilizes it in the PS3 controller, but whatever I guess...).

My favorite game I'd like to play is the exciting "Fry Egg" which seems to be an egg frying simulator, just what the world needed!

I can just imagine the poor Chinese kid who desperately wanted a Wii in present and his well meaning dad comes across the "Vii" and buys that instead...


Solae said...

Hi, i saw your post on the Vii, and had to comment with this.
Its a British (i think)review on this Vii and how it works its quite interesting with out the marketing hype.

I googled foreign salaryman like you asked, and came to this website, hope this is the right one.

The girl who has never seen snow (no never 'ever')

Mr. Salaryman said...

Hey, you found your way here ;) Liked the video, now I got even more information on the "Fry Egg" game! Thanks for that!

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