Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Well, this is miserable, isn't it?

Mr. Salaryman is sitting in a hotel room in west Japan, trying to vomit down 8 hours of grueling boring meeting, where the strongest effort was to hold down the urge to punch Ms. A in the face as she stuttered on her translations which she could have done without problems if she just wasn't so damn nervous, down in a word-file. Sitting with a Caramel Oreo cookie McFlurry (yeah, I know it costs 30 yen more than the normal one, but I decided to spoil myself today) to my left, CNN going in the background droning on about some Spitzer sex scandal for the tenth time in one hour only to be interrupted by occassional bursts about Clinton and Obama, computer at my front.

Sudden Insight of Clarity:
Wow, this is miserable!

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