Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I shit you not!

In Japan, prostitution is illegal, but that doesn't stop it really and there are places that are pretty open with it here in the sex industry in Japan and I personally pass through one of those areas every day to and from work. The offering ranges from pretty innocent "hostess bars" which basically consists of women talking to you while you drink without any explicit sexual services to full fledged prostitution and basically anything you can think of in between those two.

Captain Britain recently entertained me by telling me of a club that he had seen a sign for up in northern city Sapporo's red light district. The place in question was called "The Shitty Box" and on the sign he saw was a picture of a salaryman (just like me) lying down on his back with a box like contraption covering his head (you'll get the general idea from the picture) and a girl in a school girl uniform squatting just above the box. I'll leave it to your imagination to figure out what the purpose of this is.

Now, since I am of a curious nature this raises a number of questions in my head:

Firstly, the girls who work there probably only has ammunition stored up for one or two big events during one day. So the question is if the women working there are just attached to the club and just plainly eat a lot and maybe some laxative or if the club relies on a number of women that only does this once or twice a day and then goes to work at some other more normal club?

Secondly, who runs this club? Is this a person that himself is into this interesting fetishism or is it simply a shrewd businessman who saw an opening in the market for a niche club catering to these tastes?

Thirdly, how much do they pay the cleaning staff?

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