Friday, March 28, 2008

Look at the pendlum...

As I've mentioned sometime earlier, yours truly has in the latest year developed an annoying little phobia that has proven very hard to shake off. When I met with a psychatrist I got a couple of interesting questions such as "do you hear voices when no one is there?" and "do you sometimes see things that are not real?" and after answering negatively to both of those I got the response, "well, since you're not mentally ill there's not much I can do, you should try therapy".

Ok, fair enough I thought, and tried that at considerable expense but with little result, and nice as the therapist was, it didn't really help much and at the last meeting she said that she didn't know what to do and left me off with a weak "I'm sorry I couldn't help".

Then the always lovely Ms. Sunshine suggested hypnotherapy since she had a friend that got very good results out of that in stopping smoking. So today I went to my first session and it was an interesting experience indeed. I'm still not convinced that she really got me into the state of hypnosis, sure it felt relaxing but not particularly different. There were some interesting things that I still don't really understand the reasons for, such as "say buggaboo", but maybe that's things she just throw in for her own entertainment. To her credit, she did use a pendlum, something that I always felt that any self respecting hypnotist should use.
Not really sure that it helped much either, but I guess I'll wait and see!

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