Wednesday, April 30, 2008

By the power of Grayskull...I have the power!

Sometimes I forget what great influence you can wield as a blogger and things that I mention a bit flippantly here can have dire consequences that I did not forsee. As you might recall, I earlier discussed my adventures at Ikea and the following assembly in a humoristic way.

Regardless of what impression you might have gotten from that post the fact is that I greatly appreciate Ikea and find it to be a great place to buy furniture of good quality at a very reasonable price.

However... Just recently Ikea got harshly slapped on their fingers here in Japan due to their lacking instruction manuals. Somehow the government officials must've come across my post somewhere and reacted in what they believed to be to my help and will force Ikea to more detailed manuals for the Japanese market. I feel a bit bad about it although I wouldn't mind slightly more comprehensible manuals, but I did not intend for this to happen at a cost that I am sure is very significant considering the number of manuals, writing and printing.

Oh yeah, I also saw somewhere something about a guy in Chiba injuring his eye on a screw due to using the wrong screwdriver (don't ask me how) when assembling a nice drawer from Ikea but the manual lacking in specifying what type of screwdriver to use. This might also have been a minor contributing factor.

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