Thursday, April 24, 2008

"There is no spoon"

First of all I should apologize for the draught in posts here recently! I've been pretty preoccupied with trying to get my head around "the project" and get a feeling for what's really going on inside the company nowadays and finding out who is who in the internal politics.

Yesterday we had my official "Welcoming party" which included liberal amounts of drinks all around and some tongues got a bit looser which made me some interesting information and helped in mapping out the current key players in the company and their respective agenda. Given a little more time I will try to lay this out in a post later on so you, my beloved readers, can get an understanding of what I have to go through at the moment.

But I now finally managed to come to terms with "the project", the first thing I had to understand was "there is no project" and after grasping that content I have now found that I begin to understand what the project is, through realizing that there is no project I have found myself able to start being able to control "the project". My perception has changed and there are several different players out there seeking to do "the project" harm, I must remain vigilante and use my powers for the good of the "the project"!


ThePenguin said...

That all sounds very Zen. It is probably part of your celestially divined path to enlightenment, at the end of which you will earn the honoured title of consultant guru.

Mr. Salaryman said...

The path to enlightenment is filled with suffering, that much I have understood.

Now I probably should start a church, do drugs, have sex with plenty of men and women and then move down to some jungle somewhere and end it all with a magnificent kool-aid assisted revolutionary suicide!

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