Saturday, April 26, 2008

Listen up!

Ok! Now I have to do one of my "Mr. Salaryman endorses" things again! Because May will be a very interesting month in terms of music since two of the current best bands are releasing new records. First we have the great band Tiamat releasing a new record after 5 long years of silence. I'm old and jaded and there's very few bands that I feel are "cool", but Tiamat is a really cool band! If you haven't heard them earlier you should definately pick up their album "Judas Christ" which is one of the best goth albums ever! Just when I thought goth was finally dead this metal band comes out and just blows the door of the hinges with a very "Vision Thing"-esque album, but even better, complete with the Steinman-like production. You need to have this and don't be scared by the goth thing, it just plainly rocks!

Then we have the greatest synth-pop group currently active, Universal Poplab also realeasing a new album and the singles that has leaked out indicates that it'll be another great album! I just hope that this group can break into the mainstream because the potential is there!

These two groups have the "Mr. Salaryman seal of approval" and you should buy the cds!

...too bad the latest Moby album was such a dissapointment after the masterpiece "Hotel", but he always was a bit unreliable in terms of quality of his albums...

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