Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Down the rabbit hole

I was lured back to my old company with promises of dedication from head office for investments to be done in Japan, which is good news and that I would be one of the key persons to help with managing these high potential projects to grow our business in Japan. So far so good.

So I came in expecting there to be projects set up with clear goals and definitions that I was supposed to make sure met deadlines and were reasonable in scope and manage them to a successful conclusion. However, now that I'm back in the organization it turns out that noone really seems to know much about these projects and what they're supposed to be about.

I'm feeling a bit like Neo in the Matrix movies in the beginning except that instead of confusion and fear I'm more annoyed and irritated. In my efforts now to try and understand the situation this conversation took place between me and Mr. Shachou:
Mr. Salaryman: Ok, so is this product included in the Project X?
Mr. Shachou: I don't know.... (silence) Do you want it to be...?
(At this point I barely managed to quell the urge to angrily say; "I don't want anything at the moment, I just want to fucking understand what the plan is and then I can start changing shit!")

I feel that the question that needs to be answered is; "What is the project?" and at the moment I'm confused and annoyed that noone seems to know. It seems to have taken on almost philosophical proportions...
I almost expect someone to approach me and ask me "Do you want to know what the project is or do you want to continue your life as it is?" offering me a blue or red pill...


Chris said...

Give him some of his own medicine for a week and see how he likes it.

Boss - Did anyone make coffee?

Salaryman - Is it what you wanted?

Boss - Can I get that by Friday?

Salaryman - Do you want it by Friday?

Boss - Why do you answer my questions with questions?

Salaryman - I'm sorry, are you asking me a question?

See how long it takes before he realizes how f___ing annoying it is when an adult acts like a moron/kid.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Haha, that's pretty funny, I should start using that and see how long it takes before people realize that I'm acting like a complete moron.

The really funny thing though was that he wasn't even trying to make me think or something, he just had no clue himself which is even worse...

Will said...

This post and the comments made me laugh...but not because I wanted to laugh. It must be Friday.

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