Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The plot thickens...

Today I casually asked a manager in a department close to me about the results of an important meeting with external parties, held just earlier. He replied back to me with a short summary of what was said and unknown to me one of his subordinates in his department must've listening in to our conversation.

I didn't think more about it and he left the office for some other meeting and then his team member approached my desk. I had never really talked to her before and it first seemed like she was just asking for my help in figuring out on how a foreign city should be written in Japanese (katakana alphabet for those who know) to which I gladly helped out. She said "thanks" and made a motion to go back to her desk, hesitated for a few seconds then leaned forward and almost whispered to me: "I heard what he said to you, but we had a meeting earlier and he said something completely different to us..." occasionally glancing over her shoulder. Then following up with a "I don't know if he lied to you or to us..." to which I gave a dumbfounded "oh, thanks, I'll check with his boss what the deal is".

The plot thickens... Who is enemy, who is friend, who can I trust and who is out to hurt me? It feels great to be back in the environment of corporate politics!


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Salaryman, this is the right stuff, now I'm getting excited! Keep the good intrigues up and if needed start some by yourself. Will keep reading with interest. Gotta go and buy sun glasses now..

tornadoes28 said...

My guess is he lied to you, the Foreign Salaryman. Because you're the outsider.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Haha, well called indeed Mr. Tornadoes! However, let me complicate the equation here with a little additional information.

Yes, I'm the outsider, but (and this is something I did not mention in the post) I am officially above him in rank in the company and lying to me could give him more problems than lying to his own peons...

So, what do you think now? The mystery is still unsolved!

-D- said...

As a general rule of thumb:
Out to hurt you: Everyone
Trust: No One.
Like the X-files sort of.

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