Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Adventures of a Foreign Salaryman in Tokyo in Bangkok

The life as a high-powered executive takes me around the world again and this time I have put down camp for a brief time in Bangkok, Thailand. In the coming days I will meet with my fellow salarymen from the Asian region and discuss salarymenish issues and such.

After a minor disturbance at the air-port where the lady at the check-in counter got a bit nervous since travelling to Thailand requires you to have 6 months validity of your passport at the point of entry and yours truly happened to have 6months plus one day left. After spending several minutes counting on her fingers in silence and enlisting the help of a colleague to help her count. After a minor discussion where I had to emphasize that I even if it's just barely, I still met the 6 month requirement, they allowed me to check-in. At least she was suitably embarrased in the end.

Predictably, the immigration officer in Bangkok hardly glanced at my passport before she stamped me in.

So now I'm looking forward to spend a couple of days in a closed room looking at power point presentations, but afterwards Ms. Sunshine will be shipped to this location for a little extra short holiday!

However, I cannot help but shake a nagging feeling of dread, what if the roach I nuked the other day was just the scout and had the time to send for help from his croonies, or even worse, it was a female that laid a bunch of eggs somewhere in the apartment and I will get home to a lair overtaken by roaches...


Drunken Dragon said...

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know about that six month rule thing. Is that everywhere or just Thailand? Does it somehow prevent the child molestors?

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