Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Let's make a note of that

Scene from meeting just earlier. The European manager is presenting a new product and has a peon sitting with a notepad in front of him to make notes of issues and items that arise. A colleague from Taiwan raises a question.

Taiwan Colleague: I think we need to strongly consider this and that and that when we do this.
Manager: Yes, that is a very good point, we should definately take a note on that (glances at peon) and get back to you.
Peon: (blankly staring out in the distance)
Taiwan Colleague: That's good because this and that and that will impact the business opportunity.
Manager: I fully understand so we'll take a note (emhasizes the word "note" and glares at peon) of this.
Peon: (still blankly staring out in the distance)
Manager: (To peon) Are you taking a note of this?
Peon: (Sighs and start scribbling something down)


jturningpin said...

Ha! The "sigh" made me laugh out loud. Made me think of Kiff from Futurama.

On a related note, I think (if The Big Boss approves it, that is) I've just made the transition from Rank 3 Peon to Rank 2 Peon myself. Who-hoo!

Tornadoes28 said...

That peon is not going to be a peon there much longer if he doesn't change his attitude.

He will have to look for another peon position at another company.

Martin said...

The "Kiff" comment made Me laugh out loud.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Yeah, must admit that it was somewhat of a Kiff moment, but I didn't really feel that the Kiff guy was the victim here.

Congratulation to the Peon upgrade jturningpin! At some point you'll probably get peons of your own!

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