Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Gateway to My Dreams? Pt. 2 - The Reckoning

Proudly presenting the first videoblog of Mr. Salaryman! Exclusive for this site, no stupid youtube or stuff, only here can you watch the harvest from the dream machine! If you haven't read the previous post leading up to this, do it here!


Chris said...

I was truly on the edge of my seat waiting for you to pop that baby open.

What that says about me, I don't even wanna know :(

Martin said...

Great footage!
I was also on the edge of my seat. The suspense ended up in a good laugh. The best part was that it didn´t cost me anything.

ThePenguin said...

I was not on the edge of my seat as I am lying down on the floor of my new apartment leeching some internet from the neighbour below. But it was a very exciting two minutes, and I was glad to see your 1,000 yen wasn't completely wasted.

jturningpin said...

I don't know why this didn't click till now, but there's one of those same vending machines down the street from me, in front of a Korean video store (!) I haven't tried it though. Maybe if it had a God-Jesus in there...

p/s - Your knowledge of pop culture always cracks me up, but you've outdone yourself this time with Thrill Kill Kult. Kudos, sir!

p/p/s - 暑いっすね

Mr. Salaryman said...

Yeah, it wasn't a complete waste since I got a "Rin" clip. I'm sure I can put it to some form of use at some point and time in life, but I still don't know when.

Turningpin - Thank you very much for noticing the TKK music! Good to know that at least someone notices the effort I'm putting in these things!

stepherie said...

hahahaha that was hilarious! i see you couldn't resist. at least you have a constant memento of your adventure with the adult treasure vending machine :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting at a park with you..

<8-bit Nintendosounds>

I'm sitting at a park with you..

Oh good god! Make it go away! :'(

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