Friday, August 8, 2008

Congratulations to... fatherhood?

Recently my old friend from back in the day in Sweden became a father to a little baby boy. Now, we're not just talking "old" friends here, we're seriously talking way back. We started to hang out when we were six years old and the time we've wasted sitting in his basement playing Archon, Bruce Lee, Commando and hundreds of C64 games after school I don't even dare to think about.

But of course our friendship evolved from that, it's not like the only thing we did was to sit in a basement playing the C64 with his "The Boss" joysticks, as we grew older and more mature we moved to "Worms" and my basement and then even later on back to his basement and the Playstation, "Tekken 3" especially.

Obviously the first feeling I got when I heard he became a father was happiness on his behalf that his wife gave birth to a healthy baby but that feeling was quickly changed to distress when he happily sent me the picture you see above... The likeness to E.T. is pretty creepy and makes me wonder if his marriage with the wife is as good as he says, but you don't right out tell a friend that you suspect that E.T. had an affair with his wife and that he might not be the father. So I made up my mind and put it to rest, as long as they're happy and the boy is healthy it's none of my business.

And hey, if you gotta be the substitute father of a half-alien baby, at least it was E.T. and not ALF!

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