Thursday, August 28, 2008

They're everywhere!

As my dear readers might recall, I recently had a quite intensive warfare session with an intruder in my apartment which I finally managed to put to rest.
If that had been the end of my war with the bugs everything would have been fine, but in recent times I have also experienced other visitors. Small black bugs all over the place in hordes, they're so small that they don't trigger the same disgust in me as the horrible roaches, but are an annoyance and not very nice to have flying around the apartment occasionaly landing on places on you you don't want to have them.

Recently I received the help from Ms. Sunshine in an attempt to commit genocide on them, however due to the smallness of the bugs and the much lower disgust level compared to a roach we mainly kept ourselves to conventional warfare techniques and very little chemical warfare. However, how hard we looked, we couldn't identify where they came from and the source of this plague was hard to identify, but after our genocide attempts I was hoping that they would've be gone by the time I came back from Thailand. To my dissapointment they were still here, in at least as many numbers as before. Since I had no garbage inside and a very cleaned kitchen (due to the previous roach...) I could not understand where they were coming from.

So yesterday evening after work, I happily headed towards the kitchen to make myself a nice bowl of powdered mashed potatoes (I know, I live life to the max) and as I poured the powder in the boiling water/milk I noticed some brown dots in it. My first reaction was assuming it was supposed to be there, but looking closer I noticed that quite a few of those brown dots had wings... Suddenly things became very very clear... I have an infestation of flour beetles in my kitchen... Quickly checking out a bag of flour I have, half covered in a plastic bag showed literally hundreds of dead bugs and quite a few living ones in the flour and the plastic bag making me spill half the contents on the floor in disgust.

Now, anything bread and flour like has been disposed off so I hope I have killed this infestation since the constant warfare has made me battle drained. Just one more month and then comes autumn and soon winter and the bugs should go back to hiding!


jturningpin said...

Eew. I've had a bag of flour go "buggy" on me as well. Quite disgusting.

I will be extremely impressed, pop culture maven though you are, if you get this bug-related reference:

"Mr. Pratt! Talk to me!"


Mr. Salaryman said...

Hmmm... can't say that I get that reference at all. But honestly, I'm not that knowledgable on pop culture, let me bring to evidence that I just recently discovered "Arrested Development"...

jturningpin said...

The quote is from Creepshow, the ultra-awesome 80s cheesy horror flick starring Leslie Nielson, Ted Danson and Stephen King. You must watch it, for it is incredible.

Anonymous said...

Ewwww!!! That happened to me with a bag of rice!!! If you keep the flour frozen it keeps it pest-free.

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