Friday, March 26, 2010

How to conduct a successful job interview

Again coming back to my technical incompetency... During my early job hunting days here in Japan I got in contact with an industrial equipment company who I had sent in my CV to, and they were really friendly and just the day after the European President called me back to do a little interview over the phone.

It went something like this:

President: (very friendly) So, do you have any formal degree in engineering or other technical subject?

Salaryman: (friendly in return) Well, no, can't say that I have, what I have is all in my CV.

President: (still very friendly) Ok, that's not an absolute requirement, but have you had any work experiences working with technical stuff, summer job or anything?

Salaryman: (still upbeat) No, can't say that I have that either!

President: (keeping up the friendliness) Oh, I see, well, do you have any personal interests in engineering, tinkering or technical stuff?

Salaryman: (quickly and friendly) Nope, can't say that I have any interest at all really in that area

President: (keeping up friendliness) Ok, I see, well, maybe this company is not really for you then?

Salaryman: (even more friendly) No, I agree, it doesn't sound like it at all actually.

President: (ending friendly) Well, ok, but let's keep in touch and good luck!

But hey, they seemed like a really nice bunch of people and it ranks up there with one of my most comfortable job interviews!

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