Thursday, March 25, 2010, thanks and great that I can be of help

As the training was continuing and since the product in question seemed reasonably fun and easy to operate, I myself did an attempt under the supervision of some of the tech staff and managed to actually get the thing working almost on my own. As I previously mentioned, this is quite a feat considering my general incompetence with anything of a technical nature.

Later on, during a break over coffee as we were sitting around in the conference room and as I was having small talk with the German trainer from head office I noticed that the tech people were discussing training the customers on the device, and they had a quite heated discussion on whether it would be easy to teach the customers or not.

I didn't really listen in or participate much since I was in a conversation with my HQ colleague, but after a while I kept hearing my name being mentioned quite a few times and started focusing my attention a little more on what discussion and overheard something like this:

Tech Guy 1: Look, it might seem easy, but I think it will take quite some time to actually make sure that the customers are capable of operating the machine to the level needed!
Tech Guy 2: Well, it really is quite simple, c'mon, even Mr. Salaryman managed to do it with very limited help!
Tech Guy 1: ...yeah, that's actually true, maybe you're right, even he did ok on it, shouldn't be that hard then really...
Salaryman: Hey guys, I'm right here you know... But hey, great if it could help you guys!

Feels nice that they have that level of confidence in me and again reminded me why I shouldn't work with technical stuff...

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Martin said...

How nice of them referring to you by name rather than just saying "any idiot could manage...".

Even a lack of competence can be useful sometimes.

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