Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Hanami" the wonderful tradition of admiring the natural beauty of the Sakura blossom

This year, due to a quite busy schedule it looks difficult to be able to fit in a dedicated "Hanami" (花見; literally translates to "watching flowers") session this year.

I won't elaborate on the tradition of "Hanami", I'm sure most of you know about the Japanese tradition of venturing out to a park to enjoy watching the cherry blossom while drinking huge amounts of alcohol while sitting on an uncomfortable blue plastic sheet and eating stale yakisoba.

However, this year I have already taken counter-measures and procured a small cherry tree for personal use and managed to squeeze in a quality hanami with my good 'ol buddy God-Jesus. We enjoyed the beauty of the blossom, contemplated how quickly it passes and how important it is to enjoy each moment of life and got quite wasted together.

Next, I will see if I can apply this micronization to other aspects of life for increased convenience and best use of time!


RMilner said...

It is a hanaminimi.

ThePenguin said...

I trust you have a mini blue plastic sheet to sit on? Otherwise it wouldn't be authentic.

Anyway, given the shitty weather this year, I think your solution has a lot going for it.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Rmilner - Wow, that was quite witty!

Penguin - You're right, didn't think of that... I should also have added a few strands of Yakisoba for a more authentic experience...

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