Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Slightly better than "mediocre"

As I earlier in the week I was going through quite a lot of material from our competitors to compile an analysis and report on the current market situation and give some insightful comments on the future development. Obviously, going through plenty of promotional material makes sure that I get my share of hyperbole claims on performance and greatness of the product compared to those of the competition.

But just as my eyes were growing tired of this and basically mentally ignoring and skipping such hyperbole, I see one English brochure that in huge letters state "better than average performance". Let that sick in a bit. "Better than average", they could have chosen something non-committal like "Superior performance", "Greatly enhanced performance" or anything in that vein, but instead they chose to benchmark themselves with an undefined "average" which I instinctly picture as pretty low.

Well, kudos to them for being honest and after all my years in the industry, I've kinda grown to appreciate anything that doesn't feature nude kids in the promotional material (now I'm sure to get more of those creepy google "nude kids" hits...)

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aimlesswanderer said...

An interesting approach, going with the out stuff is "slightly less crap" line. It got your attention didn't it? So maybe that's how it works.

They're so confident that their stuff works better than most that they don't need to resort to "our stuff is teh l33test evar" over hyping. Devious marketing, genius even.

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