Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Things to see in Odaiba - a Guide for Tourists

Odaiba is the newly built entertainment area and hot dating spot in Tokyo, built on reclaimed land. Accessible through the Yurikamome line which not only have driverless trains, they also give a great view of the Tokyo harbor and bay area, especiall at night. Also, it is possible to take the water bus from Asakusa to Odaiba, taking in the sights in the Tokyo bay while getting there.

While there, there are quite few amazing sights that you can take in:
  • An amazing replica of the Statue of Liberty, about a hundred times smaller than the real one and a thousand times less impressive

  • About a million couples there on dates

  • A really lame "amusement park" called Joypolis (one step above Hello Kitty Puroland in terms of excitement)

  • A fountain

  • If you're lucky; either a clown or a guy tormenting a hostile monkey to do tricks for trinkets

  • A guaranteed minimum of 30 dog strollers per hour spent there

  • An average of 1.5 dog per stroller fully dressed up in clothing dying to get out of their stupid dog shirts and strollers to run free and pee
I really should write a guidebook...


vaneea said...

I was ready for a list of things that would add to my misery of regret for not going to Odaiba for my pre wedding photo shoot. But your post made me chuckled and relieved me a bit. :D

Chris said...

Why do people do that shit to their pets??
I'd like to wrap the owner up in pig entrials and throw it in the lion enclosure.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Vaneea - Well, ok, it's not that bad actually but the dog strollers kinda really annoy me. DOn't cry about it, but go there next time!

Chris - Yep, I'm with you, it's insane!

Jonas said...

Hey - I really like Odaiba! It's such a crazy place with the fake Statue of Liberty but real cannons, massive buildings with things floating up in the air, the Las Vegas-style shopping center Venus Fort (love that name!), there was the Gundam last year, there's lots of space, Miraikan is a nice science museum, there's sort of a decent beach and a great view of Tokyo from the bayside. There's the Teleport Station - seems that the teleporter is not quite operational yet, but I'm expecting it to become any day now ;) Until then, Yurikamome is a great substitute. And oh yeah, there's the Lego shop in Venus Fort. But what I love most is that everybody there is so happy! Including the dressed up dogs, I'm sure...

By the way, been following your blog for a while but probably didn't comment. I like!

PS. Jøypølis should be spelled with those totally rad looking slashed o's :)

Mr. Salaryman said...

Hey Jonas, always nice to see a new "face" posting a comment and glad to hear that you like the blog!

But yeah, ok, actually I do agree with you, looking from the bright side, Odaiba is a quite cool place and I usually bring friends over there to see that side of Japan as well. But those dog strollers...

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