Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oh? It's that time of year again?

After almost 10 years now of living here in Japan, salaryman-ing things up I am again reminded that I am now so used to life in Japan and have started to forget about how things are in the old country.

I am very much looking forward to Golden Week (c'mon, that picture is a work of art!) drawing closer now by the end of April which will give about a week's respite from the corporate drudgery. However, today I realized how disconnected I have become with the holidays back home. It was only after sending a few e-mails to some people in Europe and getting auto-replies saying "the office is closed due to the Easter holidays" that I realized that it's actually Easter now...

Not even dear mother remembered to send me an candy filled egg shaped box this year either, something that she has done on a few occassions which has sparked my memory. Well, nothing particularly exciting I guess, just a minor observation on how much more important such fantastic holidays such as "Greenery Day", "Ocean Day" and "Rever the Salarymen Day" has become to me compared to such staples as the Easter.

(Oh yeah, and I guess I should do some April's Fools joke or something, but I can't be buggered so go check out the Penguin's blog and read his thing from last year and pretend that I wrote it, you just mentally have to exchange some details but I'm sure you'll do fine!)

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