Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let's all google: Why did a japanese baby have to stay in the delivery room with it's mum for 30 days during medieval Japan

A somewhat irregular feature on this blog is the different fascinating google searches that lead people here and I now have a pretty good recent one:

The search was for:

Why did a japanese baby have to stay in the delivery room with it's mum for 30 days during medieval Japan

Unfortunately I don't have the answer for this, but to my amusement my blog ended up as number three on the search, sandwiched between Japan Wikitravel and the Wikipedia entry for the Nanking Massacre.

And yeah... sorry about that but I don't have any clue to why this would've been the case and if it's even true to beging with, better luck with the next google! But hey, at least it gave me a slightly vague reason to use this fantastic comic panel I've desperately been trying to find a post it could somewhat remotely fit into, just cracks me up!


Durf said...

ROFL at that panel. The first thing I do when meeting strange new toddlers is shoot them with lasers to see what happens, too!

Fernando said...

The best way to find this blog is to write Sunshine Salaryman and the first option is the blog. That is what I use whenever I am not in my own PC where I have it tagged :P

BTW its incredible how you manage to make the panels in each post be so close to what you are talking about (Well 95% of the time)

chal said...

For the record, this page is now most of the first page of Google's results for the search.

Lotsa Green said...

It has something to do with the danger of infection and death after childbirth.

Like you can imagine this special care and safekeeping from demons who might make child and mother ill/ kill them,was only possible and done for women with higher social standing.

Even before childbirth monks and priest were there, praying,burning incense,shooting with bows to scare away bad spirits and the mother was in a special room with special clothing and for 30 days after birth only white clothing was allowed...for everyone.

Real torture for the rich ladies who otherwise would have tried to triumph over other ladies and show off their riches by wearing the most colourfull, expensive clothes.

But they made up for it with clothes studded with white jewels,pearls and silvery patterns

After a month the danger of dying and illness was very low, so the festivities started, the child was shown to the whole household and colourfull clothes were worn again

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