Friday, June 13, 2008

Back in Business…

I apologize for the lack of updates recently; I’ve been down and out in a pretty bad case of fever but am back in the game now.

While I was away it seems like the rainy season has now come over Japan . But it’s not that bad yet, the temperatures are endurable and the real heavy humidity has not yet come over Japan although the heavy rains make it a bit difficult to get out of bed in the mornings some days…

If we discount the crazy guy who decided it was a good idea to run a truck into geek paradise Akihabara, jump out and stab anyone nearby with a knife leaving 7 dead and many wounded, Japan has been peaceful lately. If you allow me a brief flash of black humor, you could argue that the crazy knife guy made a very wise choice in executing his plan in Akihabara since most people around there are not used to physical exercise and can’t run very fast.

To put things in perspective, I remember the summer a few years back when all the loonies were out in force back in Sweden :

We had the “Iron bar Man” who bludgeoned at least one person to death and injured others since he was convinced the were trolls and it was his job as a secret agent to kill them.

Then we had the “Samurai Man” who attacked a couple of elderly ladies with a samurai sword (hence the name) due to some delusion I can’t remember, he fortunately never managed to kill anyone though.

And to end the summer on a high note we had the “Radio controlled Man” who drove a car full speed into a tourist walking road in the Old town in Stockholm and managed to kill several people. Obviously he didn’t want to do it, but CIA agents, masons or someone were controlling him through an implanted device in the brain by remote radio control.

This was all in one summer in a country with less than 10% of the Japan population…


tornadoes28 said...

In America the crazys just do it the easy boring way, with a gun.

Maritn said...

Wow. I must have missed all the exitement here in Sweden last year. Can only recall the "Iron bar man".
This is a good reason to start reading the newspapers again.

Mr. Salaryman said...

This was in the glorious summer of 2004 I think when all the loonies were out in force.

Guns are boring, but you can't say that Charlie Whitman didn't have some style, but all the school shootings and stuff after that is just pure depressing.

Anonymous said...

Considering I had just visited Akihabara on three different days the week before this happened, it did leave me quite chilled to the bone.

Happily/Disturbingly enough, depending on your view on things, this does seem to be pretty universal. Not only does Finland seem to be turning into some kind of a playground for school shooters, we've also had the odd loonie smash an axe into the head of a random person they don't know. From behind. On a subway. >.<

And to seamlessly transition into another subject matter.. Love the blog :) Very enjoyable way to procrastinate a day away!

Anonymous said...

How did the Samurai Attacker manage not to kill anyone?! Those swords are so sharp, people accidentally sever their thumbs just by unsheathing them!

When I read the black humor comment about Akihabara being a good place for that crazy guy to go, my face did an embarrassed half-grimace, half-smile expression.

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