Sunday, June 1, 2008

Don't question the good times!

I'm not sure really what's going on now, but I assume I should just shut my mouth and be thankful. I've previously been promoting the new albums out by Tiamat and Universal Poplab, but this spring it seems like a lot of the groups I like have been plotting to release albums at almost the same time!

First we had the Tiamat and Universal Poplab albums that didn't dissapoint me one bit, granted I felt that "Seeds" by UP wasn't as great as the previous album "Uprising", but that was an amazing album, so it's not that easy to top.

Then, Swedish Bitpopers Thermostatic release their new album "Humanizer", Danish industrial artist Leatherstrip releases a 3 CD box "Civil Disobedience" and ex-Nitzer Ebb frontman Doug McCarthy releases a new album with his new project Fixmer&McCarthy...

Well, I shouldn't question this, just enjoy the good times while they last!


Chris said...

Well the cat's outta the bag now!! No more happiness and fun for you pal. The shit is about to hit the fan so fast and hard you are going to wish you were back at what you thought was your worst day ever!!

Like pinhead from "Hellraiser" once said...."Your suffering will be legendary....even in Hell!!!"

Mmmmm.....your fingernails being ripped out with pliers would be a much welcomed relief from the misery coming for you buddy!!!

or not??

I am not even sure what your post was about?? As usual I just read the first 2 ...O.K. first sentence.

A.D.H.D baby!!!!
Woo hoo!!!!

Mr. Salaryman said...

Hey Crhis, this posts was for you! YOu didn't even have to read anything, just click the video and enjoy the nice song!

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