Sunday, June 1, 2008

"Don't ask I'll tell" policy

The internal politics in the company are getting more and more interesting and after now spending roughly two months back in business I feel that I am now starting to get a handle around the different factions and their agendas. Generally, my sympathies usually lies within the sales division since it's the salespeople that ultimately has to be out there representing the company and trying to push our products.

However, the current sales division manager has given me a very weak impression with a generally pretty rude and ignorant attitude. It doesn't help that he's universally hated by all the reps I've been talking to, and I know most of them since previously and they're pretty open with me.

So now I'm going to make a sport of openly challenging him and calling his lack of knowledge and inability to make decisions for himself. Since both of us report directly to the president I have no particular reason to fear him. So I will start implementing a "don't ask, I'll tell" policy towards him. Since he's got a good 20 years on me I'm sure that this will offend him immensly, something to which I'm looking forward a lot towards!

I never was particularly impressed with him, but the latest incident that annoyed me immensly was when he called a sales meeting requiring a 3 hour bus ride out to the middle of nowhere and making the meeting start at lunch time and going on until very late in the evening requiring most people to stay overnight and get their Saturday morning ruined with getting back to Tokyo (I obviously left early since I refused to have my Saturday ruined due to a poorly planned meeting). Not to mention a horrible agenda basically just wasting everyone's time.

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