Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Let's improve on the organization!"

So, in order to break the intense tension and speculation from my previous post, it's the marketing manager that got the option to become a sales rep in the northern Japan region or to hand in his resignation. But it seems like he didn't roll over just so easily so now negotiations are undergoing on how to deal with his demands, but this doesn't really concern me.

What does concern me was that I suddenly and with very little warning got appointed to be the marketing manager and to take his place, something I was not too hot about since it demands a lot more national travel and getting my hands dirty with things I was hoping to avoid this time around, but since I have experience in this and an overall light workload I had problems finding a way out of this little mess I found myself in.

Then yesterday, an informal board meeting was held to discuss some changes in the organization again and I got called in to this meeting since they wanted to have my opinion. The board consists of older Japanese men with an average age around 55 or something.

The conversation went something like this, and as always, feel free to act this out with friends, family or long lost lovers:

Mr. Shachou: (Proudly holding up the organization chart) So Mr. Salaryman, this is how I think the organization should change to, what do you think about this?

Mr. Salaryman: (Slightly aggressive) No! That'll never work, it's a really bad idea!

(a few seconds of stunned silence follows with the board members looking slighly shocked)

Mr. Salaryman: (Firmly) But if we do it like this it'll work much better (quickly shifting some things around)

(another seconds of silence followed with the board members looking slightly curious)

Director 1: (a bit surprised) Yeah, that probably works better!

Mr. Shachou: (energetic) Well, yeah, this is much better, let's do it like that, thank you Mr. Salaryman!

Mr. Salaryman: (casually, while leaving the room) Sure, anytime.

Oh and yeah, through this slick manouvering I managed to move the marketing manager responsibility to another person but also picking out the work from that position that I actually want to manage. All in all, I feel pretty satisfied with myself!
Also, with this new organization soon to be announced I can brag about being the shortest marketing manager in the history of the company with one week in the position before escaping!

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