Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I've got turtles in my pond!

...no, that is not an interesting new metaphor for any interesting veneral disease I'm sorry to say. This is more one of those boring everyday things. Like those boring nonsense columns someone writes about how nice spring is and how wonderful it is when the flowers blossom.

You see, in my great neighborhood, when I walk the pleasant "garden road" up to the station to get in in those cattle trains that transports us poor salarymen in the morning to our place of mindless work, I pass by a little man made pond. It got fish in it and everything, but I recently noticed that a family of turtles also seemed to live there. I can't believe that the caretakers of that area actually planted turtles in a very small pond, so it must've been something comparable to the alligators I've heard people in New York keep as pets and then flush down the toilet. Someone must've left them there and they've survived through eating the smaller fish swimming around in the pond.

That was all, nothing especially funny or any major point to this, feel free to carry on with what you were doing.

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