Monday, July 14, 2008

Rape, robbery and violence

Sometimes Ms. Sunshine heads over to my lair pretty late at night since her company sometimes makes her work pretty late. Since the area I live in can be pretty dodgy late at night ,and you have to pass through the drinking area among other things, she usually takes a taxi from the station. When she did this one weekday in last week, the taxi driver pointed out a certain area I pass through on a daily basis as the second most dangerous area in Japan, only out-dangered by Kabuki-cho in Shinjuku. A taxi driver said it, so it must be true!

Do you believe I'm

gangsta now?

On a related note, I just have to share with you a wonderful little essay I found
here (bottom of the page), I've taken the liberty of highlighting my favorite parts for your convenience:

"Kabuki-cho by Aya, Yoko, Miwa, Natsuko, Baihua

Kabuki-cho is an exciting and dangerous place in shinjuku, we’d like to introduce you to this famous area in Shinjuku. First, there are many amusement places and fast food shops. For example, there are karaoke boxes, bars game centers, the Koma Theater, and so on. Also, there are many porno shops, which are dangerous and strange for us. Second, there are many young people. It is especially crowded every Friday night to Sunday night. Also, there are many homosexualities, hostesses, and homeless people. Therefore, we have to be careful! Finally, the atmosphere is mysterious. It creates a dangerous, strange, and modern atmosphere. Therefore, sometimes we be tempted by that atmosphere. In short, it is an adult world, so it isn’t a proper to us. If you want to go to there, you must understand that it has a lot of dangerous things, and it is one of the most dangerous places in Tokyo."

Savor this text and keep their words of wisdom in your head should you ever feel the urge to venture out to Kabuki-cho, you don't want to run into some dangerous homosexualities!


Chris said...

Homosexualites :)
20% less calories then the regular homosexuals

Mr. Salaryman said...

yeah, it might sound better, but they're still dangerous, keep your eyes open, they're all around!

Anonymous said...

Stayed in a hotel right next to it this summer and walked through the area a couple of times. More annoying than dangerous, I'd say, with loads of black dudes the size of barndoors trying to get you into bars and selling you drugs/women and everything in between.

Also, we noticed quite a lot of what I presume to be transsexual prostitutes. I kid you not, we saw a few ~50-60 year old men dressed in very girly kimonos and wigs, holding brooms. I'm guessing the broom is the universal sign for "chick with a dick for hire", as we saw a bunch of pretty curiously dressed men holding them.

Either that, or I just insulted a good number of actors or whatnot. Anyways, the area was certainly interesting xD

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about the broom thing. Can we get some confirmation on that?

The picture of the scooter gang made me lol. When I compare it to how gangsters (or wannabes) pose in America with their gang signs or that stance where they cross their arms and lift their chins, I wonder how squatting and looking backwards became a symbol of "I'm tough. Don't mess with this". Logically, if they were really that tough, they would be standing to be prepared for fights rather than squatting and putting themselves at a height disadvantage (it's intimidating to look up, not down).

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