Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Male Rape Adventure and lunch boxes!

I've done a few of these posts (here and here) previously, but sometimes I'm still surprised what searchwords has led visitors to my little blog, first surprised and then a bit scared that those search words actually led them to my blog...

The current new favorite is the following search phrase:
Male Rape Adventures
Please, let that sink in for a bit... "Male Rape Adventures". The first scary thought that runs through my mind is that someone is actually googling for this, the first two words I can at least theoretically understand, but then the addition of the "adventure" just make me stunned...

And then, just then I thought I've accepted this and feel ready to move on, the second insight hits me; with this search he came across my blog, so those search words in google can lead people to my blog... Thirdly, the person visited once and then never came back, maybe I should make the site more attractive to this audience? Questions, questions...

Second favorite is this search:
Do Japanese Salaryman Lunch In Office Or Bring From Home
(Mr. Salaryman clears his throat, checks his hair and turns towards the audience with a slightly fake smile)
"Well, indeed, this is a very important and relevant question indeed and I'm glad you came her so I can set the record straight"

(frowns and looks serious)
"There's no clear answer to this question since it depends on many factors, such as personal preference, disposable income, availability of lunch restaurants in office vicinity and whether there's a person at home that makes a bento for the salaryman in question!"

(Dramatid pause)

(Points finger at audience with a serious look)
"If you ask me, as a seasoned veteran and student of this important subject, I'd say that most salarymen in the metropolitan Tokyo area prefer to have their lunch outside the office in a restaurant and not a bento lunch box, but situations do not always allow for this luxury!"

(leans back, smiles a little and gives a wink)
"I hope this has cleared the air a bit and remember that if you have any other questions that has kept you up at night, I'm here to help clear out things like this!"

(turns away, mumbling to himself)
"...of all the stupid questions I've ever heard, doesn't some people have more important things to do than..." (inaudible)

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