Friday, July 4, 2008

My very own Reality Show

Once upon when I was still a young pup, living and studying in Sweden I wasted some parts of my youth watching reality tv shows. As an exchange student in rural Japan, I had a brief fling with the show "pink love bus", but otherwise it's not a popular genre here so I haven't seen any and can't really say I miss the genre really either.

However, since I left the craziness of the consultant company behind me to the more rigid corporate stupidity I do miss some of the insanity that went on there and it's a lot more fun when you're on the outside looking in. I also still keep in touch with quite a few of the people there through instant messenger, during working hours and I've realized that I treat the ongoings there very much like my own slightly interactive reality drama. The main characters I follow are The Boy and Luke with a large host of supporting characters and the drama in the ongoing projects serve as different plot lines that I eagerly follow. It's got everything, comedy (especially the antics of El Presidente), action (especially the antics of El Presidente) and tragedy (especially the fallout of the antics of El Presidente), basically anything you could wish from a reality show. Granted, there's not much sex or romance, but you can't have everything.

Like Friday last week, in the middle of a nonsense convoy with the Boy about nothing in particular I suddenly get the message:

"Oh shit, El Presidente is going monkey!"
"He's losing it, saying fuckfuckfuck loudly to himself!"
(imagine the entertainment for me to follow this in realtime)
"now he's screaming to himself, saying that he needs paper"
"it's gone quiet now"

Obviously this raises my interest so to get another perspective on this I message Captain Britain and he can give me another perspective on the "how"s and "why"s of this monkey episodes. They basically act as my cameras into the action and allows me to see the action from different perspectives. The greatest reality drama ever and there is going to be a 360 review (which I have described earlier) which will yield plenty of interesting drama and I will tune in to catch this!

Also, on rare occasions I get the opportunity to guest star as I did pretty recently when I had lunch with El Presidente and Mr. Shachou to discuss possible areas to work together in the future (none I made sure). If they filmed this I promise that it would be a reality tv-show hit!

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