Monday, September 29, 2008

Can I leave the meeting now...?

In my little company we regularly hold a manager's meeting on Monday mornings first thing to check on activities last week and upcoming activities for the week. It's not a really heavy meeting and each department head goes through anything that other people should/need to be aware of. I wouldn't go so far as to say that it's a boring affair since it usually is pretty useful, but it hardly is an action packed meeting as far as corporate meetings go.

Since some of the relevant people are based outside the Tokyo office the meeting is partly conducted through a phone conference system with people calling in when they are not in the Tokyo office.

Directly after the meeting is also a very good time to bring up smaller things that you need to discuss with a smaller number of the team and this meeting I had just such a thing. So we finish up the official meeting and I mention that I would like to discuss another issue with a few of the other managers, one whom is participating through the telecon. So we think that this is clarified, the people not included hang up and I bring up the topic I had in my lap. I start laying out the issue at hand and pretty quickly I realize that a huge misscommunication has occured due to the sales division director's incompetence and that his mistake might cost the company a significant amount of money unless we can salvage and repair the errors he just had made.

Mr. Shachou throws a fit (which is actually not like him) during which the sales director looks like he's swallowed a turd and I'm torn between whether to laugh or cry at the fuck-up that has been done and which I had been an involuntary accomplice of... Mr. Shachou is throwing his fit and everyone is more or less uncomfortable with the whole situation.

After a while there is a brief pause and a voice is heard from the telecon system, one of the local sales reps that participated in the preceeding meeting apparently had missed that he didn't need to participate in this meeting and feebly calls out "oh guys, is it ok if leave the meeting now...?".
He was allowed to leave the meeting but I had to stay, but at least I got some pleasure out of the fact that the sales director had been directly called on his incompetence...


Martin said...

Dear, mr Salaryman.
You are obviously more competent than the sales division manager. But would you manage to beat him in a cagefight to the death?

Mr. Salaryman said...

I'm not sure I could take him in a cagefight actually, he's a bit on the heavy side and built like a boxer...

I might have a shot, but I don't feel so confident.

john turningpin said...

What is that screenshot from? I feel like I've seen it somewhere, but I can't place it.

Cindy King said...

I enjoyed your article and included it in my Blog Carnival (seen at .
Also, I stumbled this post

Richard McLaughlin said...

followed the link from the blog carnival. Fun site, and post. Did an EC drop too

Mr. Salaryman said...

Hey there J, that shot is from "Arrested Development", of the great character "Gob" (pronounced "Job") and is probably one of the pictures ever in my blog that is least justifiable to use in conjunction with the post.

However, I cannot recommend that tv-series enough, get off your ass and watch it!

I like the "Cindy King" and "Richie Rich" comments as well but why do I have the feeling that this is all part of some grand marketing scheme from their parts and they never even read the post...?

Richard McLaughlin said...

no scam or scheme. A blog carnival is a collection of posts by other people on one subject. Go to blogcarnival dot com and you will see there are thousands of different topics. Great way to advertise yourself.

CK has an international lifestyle section today - I am an American Living in France, so I know about international stuff. The comment was just a comment.

KZBlog said...

I don't think the Cindy King is much of a scam, because I got included too but no Richie Rich comment. I guess it makes all of us click over to her blog too, but that's a two way street. And I would never have seen your blog but for us both being on the carnival. Interesting post. Makes me glad I don't have a job with meetings anymore.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Haha, well, no worries. Welcome here then and welcome back Richard!

Just seen to many annoying posts from people who obviously never read the post!

Richard McLaughlin said...

Thank you for the welcome back.

Just so you know, I did read the post.

I have been here before.

I did recognize the picture as being the brother {banned magician} from Arrested Development.

And I am press sure that John Turningpin is salaryman, but saying that will probably get this comment erased. Secret identity and all.

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