Friday, September 5, 2008

Is this spelled corectly?

As we are planning the introduction of several new products to the Japan market, there are plenty of things that we are doing to keep us busy at the moment. One of the things that needs to be done is to translate all the manuals into Japanese and since this is a massive amount of work it has been outsourced. Recently the translation of one of these manuals was finalized and yesterday I received a mail from the translation agency.

The title of the mail was "Agreement for transaltion cost of (Product X) manual" and it contained the invoice to us for their work. This is a company that makes translations for a living, has considerable staff and translates more languages than I can shake a stick at. Translating is what they do.

I'm not sure really on how to take this. Generally you would think that for a translation agency, spelling and correct use of language would be a cornerstone and part of everything they do, but here something obviously went horribly wrong. I'm seriously wondering if we really can trust their transaltions... Since the e-mail contained the invoice and their work is done, maybe that person just let go now and just wants to collect the money and move to Bahamas or somewhere nice...


Chris said...

This shit blows my mind. How f__ing hard is it to go to some bar near a military base and ask the boozers if _____ looks O.K.??

If they laugh you got a problem....if not..PRINT IT!!!

Tornadoes28 said...

The worker who painted that must be dyslexic.

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