Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's an outrage, that's what it is!

As some of my readers might have figured out, I'm have somewhat of an interest in the sleazy funny side of Japan media of which, in the magazine world, Spa is a great example. But sometimes there's also the television variant digging into the important topics in the current Japan affairs. However, the interesting shows are not that regular and sometimes they dig into less exciting topics.

Today though was a great topic. The reporters were working on the scoop on illegal pornographic movies filmed with hidden camera at institutions such as bathhouses, toilets and such and then released without the involuntary (obviously) participants permisson (obviously) and without hiding the faces. I don't think that this is anything new in Japan considering the sheer volume of pornographic material that is available here to cater to all tastes and directions.

However, in this case a woman was made aware of her being featured in a film released on DVD and for obvious reasons objected to this and felt hurt and humiliated and was pursuing a lawsuit against the company releasing said DVD. She was interviewed in the show together with her husband, this time with her clothes on but her face blurred and was talking about how hurt and humiliated she felt about this and how difficult it is to stop such a film once it's been out in the market. Her lawyer had forced the company to recall the product and apparently they had tried to do so, but other companies had picked it up and reissued it, making it still available for purchase.

So far so good, but then the best part came. They asked her how she had found out that she was in such a movie. Between the sobs she explained how one of her husbands friends had rented the movie at a local rental shop and recognized her face and then told them about it. I found this highly amusing and the big question that lingers in my mind is whether he rubbed one out before or after he told them about it? In the end, it's the consumers that drive the demand for such movies. Funny stuff.


Tokyo Cowgirl said...

If this happened in America they would have given her a huge settlement, a commercial, followed by her own reality tv show, followed by her own porno starring her.

Meanwhile, did you see my posting about the metropolis ad featuring none other than yours truly? Can you believe that happened?

john turningpin said...

Jesus Christ, I thought all those things were staged. Some of them are real? Really real?

Not to make light of the situation, but finding out via the family friend is pretty lulzy. Bet he watched it a couple times before getting on the phone to break the news.

Martin said...

Is this story really true? How could the friend recognize her? All asians look the same, he must have watched the film more than a couple of times to manage that.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Cowgirl - Almost a bit funny how I happened to post this at basically the same time something vaguely similar happened to you! But hey, you won!

Turningpin - Haha, yeah, think about that the next time you rent a stack of them! If the friend of the husband at some point gets angry with him he can always get some satisfaction of the fact that he's seen his wife naked!

Martin - No and yes, contrary to popular belief Asians actually come in a few different models, it's only the untrained eye that cannot deal with this. However, in any case, I'm sure he watched it several times!

billywest said...

Wow! I'm renting a bunch of these videos to see if I can spot anyone I know. Yay!

Mr. Salaryman said...

Considering the sheer volume of these types of videos there seems to be out on the market, you have a few months set out for you...

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