Monday, September 15, 2008

The following years are a bit of a blur

So yesterday was the time for the epic meeting of bloggers that has been ranted about here previously. A brave gang consisting of me, John Turningpin, The Penguin, Tokyo Cowgirl, Auberginefleur, Green-eyed Geisha, Neal with friend Billy ventured to meet up at one of the crappiest theme restaurants in Tokyo for some beers, food and socializing.

It's pretty interesting to meet up with people that you only know through blogs and how your impressions can either be pretty much what you expected (like the Penguin) or very different from what you expected (Cowgirl) and in my head I kept mixing up Cowgirl and Green-Eyed Geisha all the time because from their blogs I expected Cowgirl to be more like GEG and the other way around, but it was a pleasant and friendly bunch.

Thankfully the ladies left for other more interesting adventures while the us guys ended up in the crappy "English" pub HUB for further drinks and discussion and I at least avoided to get too drunk in front of them.

So today I ended up with a hang-over of somewhat epic proportions of the like I haven't experienced in several years and I am just starting to feel something like a human being again, after spending most of the day so far vertically working my way through the final episodes of Arrested Development and a very exciting episode of Monsterquest where they were looking for a gigantic octopus but strangely found no evidence at all (there's something tragically comic about cryptozoologists I enjoy immensely). To add insult to injury I tried out this great test and ended up as Harold Shipman which is complete garbage since I picture myself as more of a Zodiac or Ted Bundy type of guy.

But all in all, even though the last hours are a bit blurish I had a good time and that this was such a pleasant bunch and I'm all for a follow up event at some point!


ThePenguin said...

Glad to hear you made it home in one piece!

Neil Duckett said...

It was a fun night, good to meet everyone.

billywest said...

Like thepenguin, I'm glad to hear you made it home alright, too.

Tokyo Cowgirl said...

No fair- I missed out on the best part of the evening! Next time I want to be included in the LOD Boys Night.

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