Monday, March 2, 2009

Girl on Girl Action

Generally I work pretty well with women and get along well with most women in my workplace but for reasons completely unknown to me, I've ended up smack in the middle between two; one of them is a direct peon and the other one is an indirect peon of mine.

The thing is that I get along pretty well with both of them, and they both have their strenghts and specialities in work that are quite different considering their backgrounds, which I can respect while recognizing the areas where they need a little more support.

Sitting in a meeting with both of them and me is generally pretty non-exciting, they keep happy faces and seem to be speaking almost normally together in an, at least decent, professional way. However, the minute I turn my back for just a second they're at each others throats with accussations of incompetence and general fighting (not physical though...). Then, when I happen to be alone with one of them, discussing a common area, comes the efforts in trying to convince me of the other woman's incompetence. It's actually pretty annoying to try and break this up time and again...

I've been thinking, maybe I should make them settle the score once and for all in a no holds barred fight, but it might be against the company rules to encourage violence, I think I should double check before I start selling the tickets...

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