Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rubbing it in

Earlier today I participated in an Asian telecon discussing some upcoming events and since I know and am friendly with the Korean manager, I squeezed in a quick phrase about it as the meeting started, it went something like this:

Meeting Chair: So we got Mr. Pak from Korea calling in, good

Mr. Salaryman: (in an overly friendly voice) Hey Mr. Pak, too bad about the baseball, better luck next year, huh?

Mr. Pak: (audibly upset) Who said that?!

Meeting Chair: Hehe, ok, so let's get the meeting started, if you all take a look at the agenda... (interrupted)

Mr. Pak: Hey! Who said that about the baseball earlier!?

Meeting Chair: Mr. Salaryman from Japan, of course

Mr. Pak: (noises which I interpreted to be loud cursing in Korean, but I am not sure)


john turningpin said...

LOL! Good stuff. I miss working with Koreans...

Kelly said...

That's SO funny! Lucky you didn't have video call conferencing!!

Mr. Salaryman said...

Yeah, Koreans are hardcore, you don't wanna mess with those guys. Must be the 15 years or so of military service they go through.

Anonymous said...

Two years of military service, and it makes them buff like none other.

I can't believe you did that, kind of a jerk move- even though you're not Japanese so it probably wouldn't have the same impact (though you probably said it in Japanese?).

At least Korea won the gold in some figure skating thing in the winter olympics in vancouver. Despite the pressure, I've heard the Yuna and Mao are on friendly terms and are not deadly rivals like some of us would like to believe.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, you got called out by the meeting chairperson!!! But the Japanese people in the telecon probably were cheering you on in their heads.

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