Friday, March 6, 2009

Under Siege - Worst week ever?

This is actually not one of my standard entertaining fun filled post, I probably have been through one of the worst weeks in my professional life, at least outside consulting... The amount of craziness, nastiness and overall in-your-face stupidity I have endured during the week could easily break much stronger men than me. Perhaps after the weekend I might feel encouraged to bring out some of the more entertaining outbursts of stupidity, but at the moment I am still in shock.

The week started off with a late evening meeting in which Mr. Shachou tried to get my support in "pushing out" (as discussed in my previous post), a person which I personally work well together with and has consistenly performed well but with the only issue that he has been pretty vocal about what he thinks about our local management. For some reason I ended up in the middle of all this and had to try and broker peace and/or make sure that the treatment of this person wouldn't be too nasty. This carried on for the first two days of the week with me having to spend my evenings talking over the phone to the targetted employee and try to ensure him that things might not be as bad as it seems.

Then, later in the week we were hit by some pretty hardcore phone conferences with head office management where we got cross checked on some things we had no idea about but which were committments from our organization from a couple of years ago which they remembered but which I had never heard about... This resulted in a flurry of pointless meetings keeping me in the office much later than I would've wanted to be. To top it off, the weather in Tokyo this week has been mostly gray, rainy and depressive, not the kinda of weather that makes me jump out of bed full of energy.

I feel completely drained now, but a weekend with some R&R and plenty of Ms. Sunshine should help me recover a bit by next week, it can't really be worse than this week... or... can it...?!
(Bonus points to anyone who can name the movie from the screenshot!)


ThePenguin said...

If it's any consolation I'm involved in a crash emergency get-it-working-last-week project involving 2 US based companies, which means some hard-core night shifts compounded by the fact that everyone is making their stuff up as they go along.

Mattias said...

Sounds like a great week...

I think that's from one of Jacksons earlier films, Meet the feebles, and I'm amazed that you actually spent time digging up a picture from that movie. :)

Mr. Salaryman said...

Penguin - Hate the night shifts and at least I'm not doing those. Tell it to those annoying Yanks!

Mattias - You get a bonus point and I actually took that screenshot myself!

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