Monday, March 16, 2009

Is it just me or is this really freaky?

Today I had to call one of my company's European subsidiaries to discuss an issue that has come up that concerns both our countries. For some reason my colleague is hiding his direct number pretty well, so I had to call to the general line and have a 5 minute battle in trying to explain who I was, where I was calling from and whom I was trying to reach with the not so English gifted receptionist. After that ordeal she put me on hold as she was transferring my call...

The pause music they had running was Cyndi Lauper's "Time after time" and I had to sit and listen to basically the whole song since I probably was transferred all over the company before I reached the colleague I wanted to reach.

It just felt kinda surreal to listen to that song as I was waiting to talk realtively unpleasant business issues with a colleague whom I knew I would have another English battle... Nevertheless I started humming along to the song and completely lost my composure when he picked up the phone and distrubed me and Cyndi's time (after time).

Is it just me or isn't it kinda freaky to have that song as pause music for a surgical equipment company? I'm not against it, but it did feel kinda surreal...

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Anonymous said...

What would have been a more appropriate choice? Elevator music? I like that song and you seem to enjoy it too. What are you, the hold song police? ;)

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