Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One of these days you have to decide you know

Seen today on my happy way home from a long day at the office:

1. An elderly woman praying at the small roadside shrine with a can of Coke Zero in her hand she was drinking from

2. A woman doing some form of improvised aerobic exercise on a parking lot in front of a MacDonalds while smoking a cigarette

I'm not going out any more today!


norcal nikkei said...

I would have killed to see a pic of the exercising lady! Both my mom and sis are long-time smokers, both are pretty ancient and both surprisingly, are still living.

My sis actually tried to cross country ski once when visiting friends in Oregon. I can just picture her, out of breath, swishing across the icy snow with a Marlboro hanging out of her mouth.

Cigarette smoke = evil.

Great blogging, keep up the great work!

Mr. Salaryman said...

Haha, well, even though I'm not a smoker, I don'T particularly hate on them since I'm a nicotine user myself.

But hey, there's a time and a place

nor-cal nikkei said...

Yea I hear a lot of Japanese people smoke. They banned it in restaurants and buildings here in Cali, bars too, people were ticked!

I hear they are planning on doing the same in Ireland...good luck with that one!

Anonymous said...

What's odd about the old woman praying with a can of coke? Was she supposed to leave it as an offering?

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