Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Big bosoms and square jaws

As some of you might have figured out from my earlier post, my work again takes me around the world (well, to be honest, this time I'll stay focused on one continent). Currently sitting on a train that's supposedly "fast" but much slower than the Japanese shinkansen, but to compensate a bit the environment passing by outside is at least much more pleasant than the one seen on the Tokyo - Osaka bullet train trip that I have taken more times than I would like to think.

It's always nice to be back in Europe and after a couple of days of meetings I am slowly getting used to being back.

There are two things that hit me first and that take a few days to get used to. In Japan I am used to being, although not objectively very tall, at least quite a bit over average, but here I need to get readjusted to being of pretty average height. It doesn't really help either that all the people I have had meetings with probably had an weighted average of at least 200cm in height.

The second thing is the size of some of the women I have met with, not only have they towered over me with a significant height and body mass (and I'm not that small to begin with!) but also a bosom that can only, by Japanese standards, be considered fearsome.

For a couple of days, before I get aclimatized to being back in Europe (where I grew up, after all) it can make me feel like I'm in a bad version of a Russ Meyer movie. But all things considered, I guess there could be worse things


john turningpin said...

There are far worse things in life than being faced with a fearsome bosom. :)

ThePenguin said...

Sounds like Mr. Salaryman is suffering from reverse culture shock!

aimlesswanderer said...

My female cousin remarked that in Japan the women have larger behinds and less skinny legs (more muscle she reckons) than those in HK, so she could actually buy tall boots in Japan.

I can't say that I noticed, the women in HK and Japan are all roughly similar in build - small and skinny.

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