Sunday, April 26, 2009

You can't really complain now you know

During my visit back in Europe I also managed to catch up on some of the newest greatest tv-shows that I had completely missed here in my isolation in Japan. It seems like there is a trend now to start adapting some Japanese shows to the European market with the general consensus being that Japanese shows are really crazy.

However, during my time in Europe I managed to watch both "Rock of Love" and "Flavor of Love", shows that have completely passed me by here in Japan. If I ever saw anything that can be called "trash tv", this is it and since I did not have time to watch much tv during my visit I'm sure that I just scraped the surface of the trashy shows currently in existence. However, just the fact that the West has produced shows of this nature (ok, they're from the US, but there are similar equally bad shows locally produced in Sweden now too with that local amateurish feeling that makes is slightly worse so I can't say that we're any better) automatically disqualifies us from making any accusations calling Japanese television stupid (Ok, it's just grades in hell, but still...).

Me? Yeah, as a connoisseur of anything trashy and crappy I loved the shows! Especially "Rock of Love", there is something really pathetic and sad about that Poison singer that I got a kick out of!

(Usually I try to find some stupid picture that vaguely illustrates my post in some way, but here I don't think there could be any more stupid pictures than an actual shot from the show...)


Anonymous said...

trash shows wich europeans got for cheap in a time when their TV firms are going bankrup?

not a big problem there are not much people who realy look this anyway.

your Dog the hunter.

shufuinjapan said...

I also admit to a past morbid fascination with "Flava of Love"...I particulary enjoyed one of the spin off shows where that really scary one gets her own show to find her perfect man after being ditched by Flav twice. Oh and the one where all the nasty girls from Flava of love go to Charm school and get kicked off for being un-charming. That is what living in Germany where the only non-German channels are MTV and BBC does to you...there is only so much news one can take and German TV is cack.

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