Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The old men still got it!

In all honesty, I very very rarely purchase CDs anymore and neither do I purchase them online, mostly I just download the stuff of some torrent tracker, the reason for this is not cheapness, it's just that most albums these days seem to contain a few good tracks and the rest is just filler. That said, if I download an album I really like and feel is worth the money I do purchase it legally later on.

Yesterday I bought the new Mobile Homes album after hearing the single "Close" and the old men still got it! Recently Depeche Mode released their new album "Sounds of the Universe" and I found it pretty dull and bland (I downloaded it, listened to it a few times and then promtly deleted it!) and even though I've always been a small time Mobile Homes fan I did not have that high expectations on the new album since some of their latest stuff has been a little boring at times.

I remember a summer night back home in Sweden some time in 1993 or something where my and my old time buddy Martin was trying to get in a goth club but since they did check ID and we were underaged we instead went to see the Mobile Homes who were performing live in the local Stockholm amusement park. What I mostly remember was what the crowd was pretty skinhead heavy (which can be bad news for a dark haired mongrel like myself...) but I got out of it unharmed.

In any case, I strongly recommend their new album "Today is your lucky day", good stuff!


jlpt2kyu said...

I dont like these old groups getting together and making new albums (lie Depeche Mode).

My theory is that when young, groups have passion and drive and new ideas. They get all this out of their system, then run out of ideas and just want to be rich and support their familes. Then comes the re-hash albums with no passion or vitality. They just trying to make some money anyway they can (they usually have no other skills to offer).

I used to love a British group called The Verve. Their frist two albums were incredible, then they just got formulaic. I heard their latest one and it sounded like a self-parody. My respect for them shattered.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers are another group that really should just give it up.

jlpt2kyu said...

...anyway there are only one or two exceptional groups who can keep making original music.

e.g. The Beatles, Radiohead...

Mr. Salaryman said...

Hmmmm... I'm sure there are groups out there that are still going strong year after year, but nothing comes to mind right now...

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