Saturday, June 12, 2010

Annoying kids, sometimes it's the little things

As I today went to the hairdresser to have my hair cut (phrenologic analysis I got last time). I sat down at their small waiting table waiting for my turn and in front of me sat a kid girl around 7-8 years old or so, waiting for her mom to get her hair cut, holding up a pink Nintendo DS in front of her face (no doubt playing some game about painting the world pink populated with cute pink animals; Baby Sunshine I will try to steer towards Grand Theft Auto, Killzone and God of War when she can get her hands around a controller).

In front of the girl was a package of Jagariko potato sticks which she kept eating as she was playing her pink game. I do admit to having some minor munchies and my eyes probably looked at the Jagariko package for about half of a second (hey, they're pretty good actually). Then I notice her beady little eyes glaring at me over her pink DS and without letting up on the stare, she demonstratively moved the snack package as close to her on the table and kept up the challenging glare for another few seconds before she went back to her game (commenting loudly on what she was doing to her mother, who 1. wasn't listening 2. surely didn't care in any case).

I did briefly consider going across the street to the convenience store to buy myself ten packages of Jagariko and line them up on my side of the table and give her an even more challenging glare while I did so, but before I could start making more concrete plans my turn was up. Sometimes it's the little things.


Anonymous said...

Where the #%*& did you get that picture, and where in the U.S. (only place it could be) does it come from?

I would like to know so I can avoid that place.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Well, I can't really remember where I found it, probably on some odd google image search...

No idea where it's taken, but a fair guess would be somewhere in Colorado with the other closeted self-hating homosexual meth using evangelistic preachers like Ted Haggard and those guys...

Chris said...

and where in the U.S. (only place it could be)

You do know that in most Islamic countries being gay is a crime. You know that right? A crime. That pic is of some gay hating self loathing man's son regurgitating daddy's teachings but he is free to do so so God Bless America.

At least ridiculous shit like this doesn't happen in America.


I live in a country where child porn manga writers write the child protection laws...apparently.

But...I digress :)

Mr. Salaryman said...

Chris - You're missing the point here! The big question is why the boy equals man with horse as a "no"? I would have liked to see more animals included in his study and also an analysis whether the sex of animal differs as well.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell if you guys are joking or not but that child seems like a girl-child to me. The name on the poster looks like Emmy Hay or something.

That girl that you described sounds extremely annoying and attention-starved. Do you really look so hungry/creepy/weird/homeless/threatening that she would feel the need to protect her potato chips? Or is she a selfish monster child who doesn't know the concept of "sharing".

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