Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hey IT Helpdesk, why don't you solve this for me?

Recently our IT helpdesk people (mentioned here earlier) performed a survey on satisifaction with their support and the general computer infrastructure and software available on our computers and a summary of the replies was sent out and among all kinda reasonable or semi-reasonable comments like "I can't access XYZ from ABC", "I would like to see Excel upgraded to version X", "it's too difficult to get the approval for a new software" etc. there was one stand-out that I really liked.

The complaint was: "It has happened a few times that my computer has frozen, I don't like it so can please make sure it doesn't happen more".

Maybe I should have wished for world peace while we were working on futile wishes? The IT guys have something to work with there, but if they come up with a solution for that they should get the Nobel peace prize or something!


RMilner said...

Actually there is a way of doing that.

It's called buying Macintoshes.

Martin said...

Yeah, Macs never get fucked up. Not!

ELSN said...

Haha, poor IT. That's like my aging boss who has his own computer language, "I'll move the icon to your computer" means he'll send me a file through an email attachment. The IT guy has a remarkable grasp on what my aging boss wants even though it seems about as reasonable as "fixing" computer freezes.

Aging boss's impossible IT wish-list would include "I want to type into this PDF file" and "Why can't I change the font/colors in an email I've received from someone else?" and "Why has my icon (*he means file) disappeared?"

Our IT guy is not a troublesome gnome but a punching bag.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Rmilner&Martin - So here comes the Mac guy running in of course ;) In any case, Microsoft really got me deep though since I've been working with windows for so many years that it would be a nighmare to try and learn a new system...

ELSN - Wow, that IT guy should get the medal of honor or something if he actually can do stuff to your bosses satisfaction!

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